Sunday, August 22, 2010

Australia will get real soon

There this Reg Dickason who runs a company called Business Loss Prevention IN Brisbane Australia, he is considered to be a major name in Southeast Asia on security matters. He advised Australia not to travel to Sri Lanka after a bomb blast in Colombo killed nearly 250 people. Reg is a professional.

Who is this Dawn Fraser, who raises an alarm about the Common wealth games? Fraser is 73, who had won a triple Olympic 100m swimming freestyle, one really does not know if she came to Delhi in the recent past to make a comment of this sort. Well there is a security concern alright, thats for the Indian tax payers  whose money is being siphoned off.

Julia Gillard

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Thats does not concern the participating nations in anyway. Australia thus far has been cruising with a single party majority running a stable government. Hence political stability. Now they will wake up to a hung parliament, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will box it out for the Prime Ministership. Show time for Australians. Instability and a weak parliament would mean that its not a ‘knife cutting through butter’ decisions any more. Its going to fun. In this new, a matured democratic process, it will be interesting to see how Australia continues to be able to provide security to the minority in the country.

Its Ponting who has raised security concerns for IPL III. The rigidity and judgmental side of the Aussies are apparent. A  Hung Parliament and the challenges  it is likely to beget will do the country good and its people more good. You can expect some sober cricketers from Australia in the years to come.

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