Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wont it be Fair & Lovely to recognize the Law of Confirmation Bias?

Take this dipstick test, ask an american at random what he is? chances are he is a lawyer.  Americans are not interested in gold medals in Olympics anymore they are busy framing laws, intellectual property rights and patents.  You may can them legalistic bastards.  So they are. 

They have come up with the strangest of laws, the Murphys law of course is the most popular one, they you have a host of them the Parkinson's law, Segal's law, Finagles law, Hanlon's razor, Sod's law.. the list is huge. 

When God handed over the laws to Moses on Mt Sinai, the reverence and the holiness around it was of high intensity.  Now with the avalanche of tit bit crap passing on as laws sure takes the punch out of the Ten Commandments.  Now that the 10 commandments makes no sense I would like to break the sixth commandment, and shed some blood with my words.  The naive need to pardon me for this.

There are particularly two laws that can piss me off. One is the law 'the fairer skin wins'. If you really want to torture me, tie me up securely on a chair, make sure you have a clip that keeps my eyes open and play the Fair & Lovely commercials to me. And if you want to kill me read about the Law of Attraction, I will bleed to death. 

Guess the world will be a better place if laws like Pascals Law, Newtons Law, Ohms Law, Gauss' law and if these too outdated for comfort cant we deal with some Genetic Engineering stuff like the Laws of cloning, stem cell or gene therapy or for that matter with Neuroscience or Molecular Biology or Quantum Mechanics.  I am sure there a millions of sensible laws floating around.

Why is the Law of Confirmation Bias so popular?

Simple because we all have a proclivity towards facts and information that confirms what we already believe.  So in order to validate our own patterns that we have managed to form in our own little world we look for confirmations to validate it. We really don't wanna change, which also means that we really dont want to accommodate anything new lest it challenges existing formations.  The market savvy writers and film makers know this.  They also know that dark people would like to become fair and the bald want hair. And these deprived souls have this hope against hopes that fairer skin and bushy hair is possible by focussed thinking.  These market makers also give the laws for the game, they call it the Law of Attraction, the Natures Conspiracy theory etc.  To these helpless but hopeful minds they slip in solutions in a simple bottle promising eternal life.

The market manics do this, religion does it too.  The world loves this and I do not want to be part of this world. Period. 





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