Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Red Riding hood with Flick Wowed in Digital space

She had those flawless innocent looks. Bretislava was all but 13 when she took up this task of finding her roots. He father hailed from a place called Tranava in Slovakia and her mother close, in fact they both woke up to the same rooster crowing everyday. So much for affinity. Both got to know each other in school, they were not in the same class but as providence would have it, they both got into the coveted Bratislava School of Law. There was a celebration in the town square organized by the church. The citizens felt they had climbed a few notches on the image and confidence ladder with both these young ones entering a good college.

Then the scourge of communism spread in Slovakia like wild fire. Why was it a scourge? The communists targeted the wealthy and the powerful, not that they gave all they had taken from the to the poor, infact they targeted the poor who seemed to be rich. End of the day the communists wanted to create a equitable society, with all being totally miserable and standing in the same line for bread that was not there.
Bretislava's parents had studied law, they are well informed now, 5 years in college, and 10 years between both of them made them understand the depths of law. They knew that if they have to life of fullness they need freedom, and they knew that Slovakia cannot offer them that. So they moved to France (Bretislava was born there) and then they moved to New Orleans in America. They worked for a law firm and they prospered Bretislava had a good life.

Nearly 16 years have gone by since they left their mother land. Their body and soul lay in the free country, but not for Bretislava. Her class assignment was on finding the family roots and she started asking question for which her parents had no answers.

The power of google lay at hand. She searched and searched. Every hay of social media was not spared. Sensible girl she knew that her grandparents cannot be traced but her cousins yes, there was a possibility. Did she know that Slovakia was blocked by communists? Well she got to know about it later but by then she had traveled into the web and the sheer search seemed to give her more satisfaction and comfort than the object of search itself. At first she connected with her friends they pinged each other, shared their little worlds and they met so often in the shopping square, ice cream joints and once they managed to meet in the pub. The web of her connections spread, after this little girl had botoxed her looks using photoshop, cleaned up all the flaws, made the back ground attractive and sensuous and in fact made herself the covetable.

Having stepped on to her teens, she was dusting her innocence on the doormat of liberty and freedom. Its time to accelerate her social web, politics did her a lesson or two about mass popularity to succeed. She let her fingers do the talking clicking to make new friends, sometimes complete strangers. The pressure mounted on her to be entertaining, different, irrelevant and attractive by the day. Her network demanded it and she better live up to it. Assiduously she gravitated to ones who would help her accumulate social brownies. Her image enhancer was her best friend, cheek by jowl she had others who could write and engage with her.
Bretislava did not stop there, her search for her grandmother has become so alluring as the life around the jungle seemed lot attractive. Sheepish looks alright, her basket had innocent bread loaves, her mantle was red hot and alluring. The wolves have this penchant not just for the taste and smell of blood but to the hues of blood too. Red Hot Bretislava was a cool pick.

The wolves feast on flesh.

They sure are not attracted by the Mahavir's teaching and scorned a his previous Lion that ate only grass life. They wanted flesh. The wolves are not like these on to the face carnivores like the Lions and Tigers. They look like loyal domestic pets. Well they have the power of technology facilitated image manipulation methods too. If you go by sheer looks and what you have picked up during your childhood and the imageries from Jungle Book, you may actually end up wanting to cuddle a bear. Surprise surprise !!!!! the bears are not actually cuddle-able. They tear one apart with a smile in their face, and if you are one who places a lot of importance on a smile then you probably may not mind being torn apart. Thats a very different subject for study at another time. The lazy crocodile is a fantastic study subject too. They can teach the naive a lot about life, much more that what the parents and the teachers at school can teach in a whole life time.

Lets get back to the Red Hot Girl - Bretislava, the slurp slurp girl. Up popped out a request for a connect, possibly the most attractive avatar pic with most of the frame having shades of pink and white and a beige (actually its banana mania) in the back ground. There was a glow around the face, this kind of glow happens when you get to have a tete a tete with someone in the spiritual realm, at least with one ones who come from the better place known as heaven. This does not mean that you cannot have the glow if a creature from the depths of hell converses with you, the shade then will not be pure white it will just have a tint of black probably 30%, not more than that. But for an untrained eye it will just pass of as white. To Bretislava it was like a celebration of sorts, there was a twinkle in the eye, her heart pumped hard, her lips went dry and the throat became coarse, there were a lot of other things happening to her, and we will abstain from going into all that for by now you know what I mean. Finally she seemed to have the knight in shining amour, a navigator par excellence who can guide her to her family roots in the short run and to paradise finally. Can she ask for more?

She had to use her well manicured pointer with great care, before that she kissed that finger, whispered a word or prayer thanking the almighty and with a nervousness that comes out of extreme excitement, she clicked YES to became his friend. Her new friend had apparently not used the real name he called himself Flick Wowed. She spent her entire afternoon on his profile and in the evening she actually sent a very innocent message on how fascinated she was.
Flick Wowed, was not surprised at all. In fact he had assiduously created this image and he knew it will not fail. He had targeted the fresh ones, for he knew the jaded and experience will see through the Flick Wowed puzzle. In case you have not figured it out already Flick Wowed is a jumbled take on Wicked Wolf. To his surprise his profile had sent many hearts beeping even some real mature ones.

Now to make the story very short and save you the agony of a long winding explanation of what happened thereafter I will summarize it for you.

Flick Wowed had Bretislava for Lunch one day.

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