Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thrills and frills

Our biological functioning is toughening up but our lifestyle is getting softer.  Interesting paradox I must say.  The biological weapons of destructions and the chemicals that were used are being used against our war with insects at home and we are able to handle it.  But the food that we consume has nothing to offer except fat and fillers.

The other day I happened to walk into, what I call a 'corporate eat out'.  Corporate eat out?  thats a place that gives one the ambiance to hang out, soft chairs, wireless access, soft music and some food thrown in.  But then you pay through your nose for it.  Reminds me a lot about corporate work place. where you complicate simple tasks, living off the frills like wily romances, paid holidays and perks, telephone calls that can be made from home, fudging accounts and expenses, sneaky internet access, whining and waffling for favors and promotions and then occasionally work happens.  So this corporate eat out had a group of 3 guys, twiddling their phones and slowly people gathered around them like flies swarming the uncared main dish.  Within 30 Minutes the place was swarming.

There was laughter and noise.  Sounds of happiness and celebration filled the air. The colors were dazzling the smiles were infectious.  Armed to capture these moments were some with their phone cameras, who were keen on capturing those precious moments on the frame, lest a life time opportunity be missed. It was an antitheses of a wild life photographer who risked his life crawling on rocks and thorns to capture rare moments.

Now I found the subjects responding with colors and life.  The smile became larger, their countenance flushed with new colours as blood rushed to their cheeks like a series of explosions in paint manufacturing unit. The pastries, the ice cremes, the milkshakes the coffee, the burgers and the pizza joined the fun, it looks like they finally found their long awaited mates.  Surely no pizza would like to be consumed by a single bored mouth and washed down with a coke.  Every Burger or Pizza would like to attain immortality by being captured in a frame and become part of the digital space.  So there were colors all over.  

While we are biologically getting stronger and using the chemicals of destruction (used during world war 2) to exterminate insects at home, we are coating our stomachs with the softest of food.  I like this paradox.  This cotton candy lifestyle is sure fun.  Move over caverns and bars.. there is not bright colors in you. ... well there is bacardi. 

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