Monday, August 30, 2010

Social connectivity

I was reading this interview in Business Standard with . Lucy Jameson, executive strategy director of DDB UK and chair of DDB’s Global Planning Futures Group. She talks about social creativity and shift from traditional advertising.


“Instead, consumers today want something they can participate in, play with, may be produce something new out of it, and pass on. They are interested in things they can interact with. And, that is what social creativity is all about. We are talking about social creativity that provokes social reaction and gets passed on to people’s social networks both online and offline. It is not just about connecting people with brands but also connecting them with more people”.  To me it’s all about bridging. Bridging online to offline events, bridging people,  etc.


The example for this bridging is Volkswagen’s Fun Theory campaign in Sweden created by DDB. Stairs in a subway in Stockholm were turned into a keyboard. So instead of people going up and down the escalator, they started taking the stairs as it made musical notes. The experience was recorded and put online. Some 40 million people watched it, without Volkswagen having to spend any money on the traditional media. The idea demonstrated Volkswagen launching a new range of green cars and that adopting green behaviour can be fun. Volkswagen did a series of such experiments under the Fun Theory campaign for its greens cars. These are today among the most watched videos on YouTube.


The future according to me more on understanding the depth of the mind of specific consumer segments, their tastes, interests and cognitive ability. 

Read the article in Business Standard



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