Monday, August 30, 2010

Make it work for you

Have you heard of the energy crisis, the problems of fossil fuels, carbon emissions,  the environmental problems involved in energy consumption etc.  When I was in my teens I came across this interesting line that captured my imagination it said " make your stumbling blocks a stepping stones"
You need to be able to view things differently, because not all those that seem bad or terrible on the face of it behave the way it seems.

Few days back, while going in the bike the back pack of mine opened out, because of a loose zip.  I was hitting a busy stretch of road at 60 kmph and my laptop fell on the road.  I heard the sound and looked back at my laptop and its a miracle that the vehicles behind stopped and an auto nearly run over it. I ran and picked up the laptop and proceeded to office.  Believe me my heart did not miss a hear beat.  I went to office and found that my screen was destroyed, there was no display.  I was wondering why I had not worried about it so far.  I brought it the service center and I was advised not to go for a new screen but use an external monitor.

At this point in time I reworked my work in my mind, how to get a screen, because getting a new lap top was not top of mind. Honestly I dont want one as of now. Yet I felt no anxiety or pain for having dropped the laptop.

The waves of the sea is the front end of a calm ocean that we see.  The waves look menacing and the ocean looks still.  The waves may not drown a man but the ocean will.  The waves in turn brings joy to the surfer and the beach goes.  If the gigawatts of wave energy can be harnessed it can provide clean sustainable power to nations that have huge coastline.  Sooner or later this will happen and nations in the coastline will end up bright and lit and clean too.

Iam glad I did not cry over my broken laptop, and Iam glad I could see the good things that can happen after a broken laptop.. more concern for completing the jobs on time.  Disruption sure is good. 

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