Monday, September 06, 2010

From Oil can to Oil Wells - LOA WHOA

Rains are never factored or foreseen in Chennai. My daughter bought a cycle  to commute within college, two weeks of moderate rains in chennai, the chain got jammed.  So on thursday she called to tell me she was some grease to loosen the chain, "over the weekend" I will do it for you and asked her to manage for two days.  So this grease, lubrication has been running in the back of my mind eversince.  To my surprise from no where a small oil can appeared, I was stunned.  Here Iam debunking the theory of LOA and it seems to be working.  So I thought of scaling up the LOA operation.  If it can work for an oil can the same principle can work for Oil wells too.

Immediately the teachings of the popular preacher ' Rev Sam Chelladurai' flashed on to my mind. I remember him talking about the wealth under the feet, the precious metals and oil.  I have seriously decided to set my mind on oil.  Somehow I get this feeling that Iam destined to own some Oil Wells.  I was created to become an oil magnate :)  Scorn if you want you unbelievers. The more you scorn the stronger my faith will emerge.

I have also, in my mind, visualized how my first OIL WELL will be in my kitty.  Following are the steps. Mark my words follow it with attention.  It has helped me I will help you too. First you need to identify the OIL WELL that you want to possess, google maps can help.  Get the latitude and longitude right.  Take a printout of the same, stick it up on the most prominent place in your room, saving it in your computer as a screen saver will also help.  Now when ever you fly abroad, try to board a flight that takes you over this location.  Look down and say within "ONE DAY YOU ARE MINE" and some such words.  You may also take this flights in the thoughts, it helps. 

I forsee there are many ways in which this WELL will come to you.  I have gone one step further and also visualized how its going to come to me. 

Someday, very soon, I would be taking a flight to Paris, I would be surprised when Iam upgraded to first class and window seat.  There will be a man, in a modest apparel, sitting next to me. While I will be a bit dazed at the luxury of the first class seating my neighbour will be listening to some music.  Out of sheer curiousity I will ask him, what music he is listening to.  He would mumble something in Arabic and I will never know.  Then I will plug into my IPod when my neighbour will ask me what Iam listening to. We become friends and end up talking.  We talk on a host of subjects and we become friends.  We fly near the OIL WELL that I want to possess and I excuse myself from my kind friend and start looking out of the window and start repeating in my mind "ONE DAY YOU ARE MINE".  After 10 minutes I get back to the conversation with him and I share with him of my facination of that OIL WELL beneath. I did not want to sound funny and dont say a word about my desire to possess it some day.  We talk and talk and finally the destination has come.  We exchange cards and decide to talk or meet sometime.  This always happen on such flights. 

I get back to normal life, and one day I find this mail in my inbox from this gentleman, I had to process hard for sometime before I could recall the sender.  It was the same man whom i met in the flight.  He has forwarded a whole lot of pictures about the OIL WELL.  All details were there.  I was thrilled to know so much about my future possession. I sent you a thank you mail and then over a period of two months we exchanged mails.  Then one day I get a call from his office and Iam asked to come, the flight tickets are being sent. 
I land up there and cut this story short..... Iam given this OIL WELL.  Yes in my name.  Iam surprised but not terribly surprised. 

LOA works.  Now I forsee that the world is going to shun oil to alternate fuels.  Iam busy trying to take over some manufacturing facilites for alternate fuels.  If any of you have some pictures do me a favour, pass it on to me. 

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