Saturday, September 04, 2010

How to upload a picture into your signature in GMAIL?


If you have GMAIL account you can add an image that will feature in all your emails.  This is how you do it


  1. click on the settings tab on your gmail page
  2. Scroll down to signature in general settings
  3. You will see a box like this

  1. You can type you name and number if you want ( I hae done it)
  2. Now click on the insert pic button.  It will ask for image url
  3. Now to get your image url, upload the image on to picasa album
  4. Open the pic in the browser
  5. Right click and go to properties there you will get the image url
  6. Copy paste on the window.. and your image gets into your singnature
  7.  If  you really love yourself you can use your own pic.  I my case I have used this to promote the UNCONFERENCE EVENT .


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