Thursday, September 09, 2010

Money and Net Joy

Haven't you people say say its 'tough to make the first million and then its a cakewalk'. And then there are people like
A Muruganantham who cares very little about money but his measure is providing jobs to millions. The scientists talk about a magic figure of 50k and then the net joy is the same beyond there weather its 100k or 10000k.

Net Joy? Food at some point can satiate a human,  a drink can bring a man to a point of total tipsiness at some point and after that it really does not matter if you lining your intestines with scotch or water.  If you job is to carry or walk on bundles of money will it become a object of repulsiveness?  

Sometimes I wonder how it would like to be to be submerged in excess of wealth.  Personally I would like to see others handling loads of of along with the problems the accompany it, and I would like to have it whatever- I - Want -whenever - I - Want.  It does not matter if money can provide it for me. 

There are times I have thought that money is a mere metric to measure success now I have grown up to believe the measure is sleep and regular bowel movements. 

End of the day money grounds the dreamer to reality by being elusive to him/her. Wonder what eludes the one who has it in plenty.  The chicken wanted to cross the road, the chicken on the other side of the road asked this chicken "why would you want to cross"  for which the chicken replied "because there is more grass on the other side"  For which the chicken on the other side replied "ahh!!! but there is more grass on your side.

But I have never heard of chickens with silk stocking wanting to walk barefoot but every chicken wants to wear a silk stocking.  So much for Net Joy

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