Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The tyrannical rule of the Govt of MS EXCEL

Carefree and running around flowers on the mountain side jumping across the streams, singing songs of love had been my youthful days.  I painted my world with bright and sunny colors; my mind was free as I spoke what I wanted to speak, wrote poems and captured wonderful moments in life.  Those were the best days of my life.


There were murmurs all over the enemy was taking over the neighboring land. The whiff of gunpowder and blood was occasionally carried by the gentle breeze.  The air was heavy. The skies turned grey.  The moon presented itself with a blood shot look.  Nothing seemed right. 


The crackling of the radio announced that every thing was fine, and life will become better.  Volunteers wearing pink shoes and caps sported a smiley badge on their chest and with a notepad in hand collected data about every citizen.  “Civilization has to progress” they said and they smiled a bright smile.


Days went by. One day all the healthy citizens, of fit body and mind, found all their names neatly arranged and printed in alphabetical order.  It took me exactly 2 minutes to find my name in small box of 2 cm by 11 cm. The day ended with celebration and fanfare.  There was special broadcast on the radio congratulating the ones who found made the grade.  I slept rather uneasy.


Next day a letter arrived in parchment paper, names in gold and bordered with silver.  The letter was simple to comprehend.  We able bodied men were expected to serve the kingdom.  Our services were commandeered for kingdom building.  Roads, dams, bridges, flyovers, parks etc and each of use were to have our own people and our own lists in 2cm x 11 cm boxes, all minor details being specified.


Doomsday prophets within the rank said that this is the end of the world and the satanic rule has begun.  These boxes were but cages.  They interpreted the lines and compared it with prison bars.  We are enslaved, we are doomed was the cry.  The modern day enemy comes with the most endearing names and this one has a very lovable name too, said a respected man.  He deciphered some prophecies in the holy book and read the final answer to a complicated mathematical riddle.  He was our own Nostradamus, I must say.

Only a select few of us knew that we are indeed under the Tyrannical rule of the Government of Microsoft Excel. 


The control systems were in place, every defiant breath that we breathed were captured in these boxes and notified to the authorities. 


Sitting in our catacombs we discuss the great conspiracy of the evil forces.  The so called freedom we were made to enjoy under the so called benign ruler ship of MS WORD the occasional concerts with the Media Player, the visual feast of Power Point exhibition centers.  Was this all a grand design to enslave us with EXCEL? 


We are all waiting anxiously for that girl in miniskirts to come with a sledgehammer and destroy the powers of the enemy.  That day is not far off.  We hope.





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