Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 would mean that an average Man may need to be twice as strong to take on a Lady.

You would have seen that ubiquitous MMXL in google.  MMXL = 2011  in simple terms.  Lets try to understand the key factors of this year  from the numerological level and from the roman roots.

Lets start with the numbers. 

  • After many years this has occurred.  You add up the last two numbers (1+1) you will get the answer two (2).  You will realize that 2 is the first number in 2011.  This is a rare. Dont know when it happened the last time.. (actually dont even bother to check)  
  • Now coming to 0 between. We as Indians know that ' 0 ' was an Indian creation.  There are four civilizations that are jostling currently.  The western, the Indian, the Chinese and the Islam. In the coming year since 0 is next to two it clearly denotes the emergence of India as a world power.  Now how does this make it special.  Iam in India, and if you are an Indian reading this you are from India too. So simply rejoice.
  • You add up all the numbers 2+0+1+1= 4.. it is FOUR.  3 +1 or 2+2 is also four. but these are merely 2 digits adding up to four. Four 4 digits to add up to four you will have the following combinations
        • 1+1+1+1=4
        • 2+1+0+1=4
        • 3+1+0+0=4
        • 4+0+0+0=4
        • 2+0+0+2=4
        • 2+1+0+0=4
        • This goes on
  • But the beauty of this combination adding up to 4 is simply the way it looks 2+0+1+1= 4. Take a close look at it again.. even if you dont have spatial visual skills it really does not matter. Just enjoy the way it looks. Its got every thing.  Two ones ( 1 ) that denote leanness. So those of whom who plan to shed weight and look thin and good will have a great year.  Its got 2 which means the others too ( 2 ) fat ones who give rats ass for looks will also be forcibly given a six pack.  The 0 shows that you will have zero problems with health.  Over all a fantastic combination.  SHALL WE CALL IT A YEAR OF GOOD HEALTH.


Now lets take the Roman Numerals.  I have not applied too much of mind on the Roman system except for the little doctorate I managed to get on Roman civilization way back in ( i forgot the year).  So I stand corrected if there any mistakes.

MMXL  may remind you of the size of shirts.  

Look at this equation on gender.

M = Male

L = Ladies

X = confrontation

Now put it together MMXL.  It simply means that Men needs to be twice as strong to take on a Lady. No it does not mean 2 men should join  (cheee!!!! thats bad and cowardly) Its one man with double his strength can only take on a Lady.




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