Sunday, December 26, 2010

Armageddon we shall call you Flora Chloe

The word Tsunami has a new meaning now.  Prior to 2004, at most, I would have ignored this word as a name of a Japanese hosiery outlet selling only women’s undergarments or a pretty Geisha.   Tsunami (soo- naa-me) – honestly what is so horrific about this?  The sounds in isolation and combined transmits peaceful Gandhian message.


If the people had been warned of Tsunami well in advance one may have found more people flocking to the beach to witness the entertainment, with touts selling tickets for seats with a better view. Katrina, Elnino, Nadine, Caren are names that come out of typical peace loving homes that embrace comfort and security. Whoever takes the decision to employ such names to such monstrous waves and twisters sure has a great sense of humor.  They sure get a vicarious pleasure hanging a nice pink tag with names embedded  in silver on these monsters.  Perhaps is a way to tame them, which is just not possible, for these creatures don’t seem to have eyes or heart for that matter even a head or a neck to hang tags one.


The only reason for these soft names, I can think of is, to make sure mankind does not fear and worship nature, just like the way our ancestors (with simple minds) worshipped all those elements on which they had no control.

Step back for a while if we had given names like Tyron Shulaces U.G. Rection, Utits Besaggy, Juwanna Hooker, to these disasters.  Someday these realistic hard sounding names may find place in the pantheon of gods.  The communities that are alongside the coast will be the first adapters of these new gods, from there it will spread. Frickin Pagans !!!!!!!


We may carry a mile of ancestor memories, fearing natures elements, but that little centimeter of  hope that we have over dominating the laws and forces of nature and to sit on the pinnacle of the food chain makes us want to name ice cream parlors, and coffee joints  as Tsunami.  We even a nick name a naughty little kid Elnino.



The fight is surely not against traditional foes today, they have been vanquished.  The battle today is against us – our greed, our gluttony, our fears, our sloth, credit, mindless consumption etc.  Its time we give some appropriate names to such little foes that have grown disproportionate in size.


Colors,  preservatives and taste enhancers find a privileged place in most foods.  Should we take their contribution and name them after their chemical structure?.  If we were to rechristen Alaskan salmon Roe Caviar Malassol  as antimony oxysulfide do you think it will work?  At most antimony ox sulfide may become  attractive and chemistry as a subject may sport a much needed sex appeal.


When greed, evil, lust, anger, pride swells up within us we seem to have given better names to nurture them. Then  we even give new twists to our own identity and even  festivals to  strengthen our personal tectonic plates, and  en-muscle them to rigidity eventually to atrophy.    


Words are dead. We will soon derive our identity and aspirations as we are all set to used UID, Mobile number and our Bank account to define us. 

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