Monday, April 04, 2011

Suraj was supposed to be fly in our spaghetti

The winning Sri Lankan team had Suraj Randiv being flown specially for the game.  The guy was apparently disappointed and chilling on the beach for having been dropped for the world cup. Then cometh the phone call. 


Hello Suraj, we are meeting India in the finals

"I know, so what can I do about it?  please do well and get the world cup home"

I called to tell you that your tickets to Mumbai is ready, pack up and we are taking the 6 pm flight and you have just 3 hours left

"why me?  there is Herath, Murali, Dislhan to spin the ball for you"

But you are special Suraj, the Indians hate you for denying that century to Sehwag, you had guts to bowl a no ball when Sehwag needed one run for his century, and India needed just one run to win. 

"so you want me to provoke the opposition with my presence and weaken them?

Yes  you got it bang on 


These guys were terribly mistaken indeed. Suraj the weed was not even in the dark corner of Indias junked rusty radar.  He was just a  toxic bubble.  Using Suraj as a 'fly in the spagetti' or a 'pebble in the shoe' just dint work.  Indians have a terrible memory for wrong doing.


But that last 6 of Dhoni will linger on for years to come, it will force many into the sidelines of depression and retirement. The new young players, Suraj-like ones, will not last.  For a moment I was terribly disappointed when Australia dominated cricket. The ghost of Trevor Chappel undearm seemed to have helped them.  McGrath, Warne, Gilchrist, Hayden were some amazing players who kept the ghost under wraps for a while.  


I remember the Indian team captained by Bedi, being bullied and harressed by the West Indies pacemen.  


Well today we talk about Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Kenya, West Indies and now Australia in the same breath.


Pride goes before the fall.  Dhoni is humble, and down to earth. Sachin is an embodiment of humility. I wish the nation learns from such people and as whole we show social grace and humility even as we excel.  Only that will sustain. 

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