Thursday, April 07, 2011

Yes I will

Param did not want to wake up, he was rolling in his bed.  His wife, Shaku, is a machine, a good one at that.  It was this machine that kept the kettle on the boil and the food on the table.  Drowsy with a bad hang over Param steps inside his bathroom, 40 mts go by, he appears refreshed and ready to fly.  Param's is buzzing, glugs his octane of a coffee and in one swoosh his car keys glues to his fingers and off past his domestic turnstile he runs.  

Param has his own little rituals too, he forgets to kiss Shaku good bye, so he rushes back, plants a kiss on her head and he is on the roll.  That kiss was what freaked out Shaku, though that was the only physical contact she had with Param its ritualistic nature seemed to become an aversion to Shaku.

Nearly 4 years have gone by, Shaku stayed at home while Param took on the world and brought the goodies home.   You cant ask for more can you?  was what Shaku's mother had to say.

Days such as these, happen in such regularity, Shaku was in intense turmoil and her problem was the reason for the turmoil was as slippery as an eel, it slipped through her delicate fingers splashing water and mud on her clothes it and rested at her feet.  All she had to do was stomp out the thought and get going through another insipid day. This is what she did most of the times.  

With a remote on had she jumped channels and seemed to be at rest watching the crocodile hunter. As the adventurer grappled grappled with a croc many times his size and he finally managed to subdue it. Something snapped within her. Its problem that needs to be addressed not the cause, seemed to run across her fore head as a ticker tape message.  

As she  wiped away the moisture left from that ritual kiss her husband planted on her......poooooffff appears a genie, entertaining her of such fun and frolic as her imagination and thoughts ran helter skelter. Her episodic memory seemed to fire with vengeance. She recalled the time when her classmate, Rabin, who was fond of her, spared no opportunity to touch her. 

Her thoughts about Rabin seemed to more than sustain her,  the air seemed to be filled with aroma of flowers and she felt rested within herself.  Those powerful Rabinic emotional chemicals that surged within her eroded the iron cast arrangement wedlock had thrust upon her.

As the iron chains fell apart she submitted herself to life. Yes I will, Shaku said her self. 

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