Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zombie I will be (repeated nth time)

For the sake of special effect I would abstain from naming this huge software company ( r u adequately impressed ) It so huge that one of its small operations with 15000 employees has a man heading its function had something to say that changed my way of thinking.  I didnt ask, but an inquisitive soul asked this gentle man as to what sort of people he prefers to hire. The reply was faster than how you would react if you were to be bitten by mosquito. He said AVERAGE IQ and high consistency.  Now I quickly de-constructed it in my mind and heard it as ZOMBIEES WHO JUST DO WHAT HAS BEEN TOLD TO DO.

Now you would imagine that the founders of the company must be having a very high IQ in order to be able to run a huge corporation.  Sorry you are wrong again.  They are average minds too.

What does this actually suggest to you. The ones who think actually waste precious time.  They only manage to isolate themselves from doing. TRUE.  This is the biggest lesson I learnt over the week.

The ones who have high IQ let them move about pretending to be zombies.  Allow let the zombie think you are one among them them and accept you.  

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