Friday, April 15, 2011

The summer with monopoly

40 yrs ago. Trevor, Melwyn and Altia Fernando, my neighbours were my playmates.  Summer holidays, we woke up early, signalled each other with a whistle and under a stairway, we spread out our monopoly board and played and played endlessly.  We had such great time for days together, having a hearty laugh when we went past the 'Start' and forgot to pick up the bonus.  Occassionally we broke the rules but we never cheated. We took turns to double up as bankers.  Strange this taking care of money job did not excite any of us, it took our focus off the game.  The thought of taking money from the bank to line our pockets to buy up stations and properties never occured to us.  Even when we were broke we followed the rules.


End of the day we enjoyed those days. Wonder were my friends are?


In the real world can this happen?  The ones whom we entrust authority and power end up as decievers.  How can a man who has been chosen by millions of people just resort to deception and amass wealth close to Rs 2000 crores?  How can this man ever sleep?  What will he tell his children and wife?  what will he think of himself?  There is one thing Iam certain his life is real tough, and heart of hearts he must be longing to be delivered from this vortex of deception and subterfuge. 


Its a pity that in this wonderful game of life these wonderful people (iam sure they are good) get carried away and decide to play the game against the rules.  


Arnt they loosing out this enormous joy of being sincere and responsible ? 

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