Sunday, May 15, 2011

The beauty of being slow

Its always about speed.  Going around 20 blocks at average speed I could cover it in 65 minutes then add a little bit of speed I could cut down 12 to 15 minutes of time.  Walking with a phone that doubled up as a stop watch, mentally measuring the time taken to cover every hundred paces... urggggggh!!!!   it used to be so stressful.  I came home sweating alright with a belief that enough calories and the pain of fractured muscles.

Today I decided to cover the same distance in 90 minutes.    To check how slowly and how leisurely I can cover the distance.  No timer, no phone, no music -  just me.   I realized after a few paces the running and the speed was more to reduce loneliness. It was a bit difficult the slow paced movements, seemed endless but I thought to myself its not the physical activity that I am going to focus on its the time I am going to spend with myself now.   

I stopped when ever and wanted to stop, stretched, did sit ups, did not count steps, consciously reduced my speed to short paced steps.  I loved it.  It to me 90 minutes.  I wish I can do it more often. 

Now if you are a fast paced person  try this once in a while.  Its surely not easy 

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