Monday, May 16, 2011

Handling Emotions with Cognitive strength

All of us are emotional beings aren’t we? This is what makes us humans.  We have fear, anger, anguish, joy, envy etc. 


The other day I mentioned about how we need to train ourselves to handle our emotions by enlarging the bandwidth of our neural pathways that carry the message to the cognitive areas.  I also mentioned if these pathways are not trained it will trigger the emotional side of the brain (amygdala) and cloud our cognitive thought/process.


Leadership is not about suppressing our emotions but in making sure our cognitive areas have dominion in our thought process and in leveraging our emotions.


Work is a fantastic platform to strengthen or broaden our neural pathways.  We have challenges every day, every hour.


I walked into office this morning with the hope that my new laptop will help me to carry out my work.  My work involves design and fairly heavy duty activities that demand a robust processing system which in turn demands a fairly large monitor too.  Here I am with a laptop and a display that is far from what I expected.  I was livid.  I called up the IT dude  to register my displeasure.  My anguish need to be vented out lest I implode within in anger.  I tweeted about it.  I operated from my Amygdala clearly.   


1.     Why cant ppl just consult to check the with the one is in the receiving end of their decisions.... i feel as small as my comp screen.. #ffi

2.     &$*#() #@ I hate this new computer of mine #ffi guess I will use my old one

3.     Only the bottle breaking ceremony at Hari's place this evening can relieve me of my #badmoods

4.     To value knowledge and experience u need to have them


 I sent 4 tweets.  My friend who saw this encouraged me to stay calm (the power of twitter by the way)


While doing all this I realized that  no one can be blamed.  Obviously the demands of design and corporate cosmetics is not the core competence  out here and that its  my role to instill it into the system, that has been established with is incident.


There is a calmness when the cognitive areas takeover, the mind becomes cleared out and life seems far more easy to handle.  This is just an example and let me tell you I am far from being perfect.


On the G8 Day  few of you bared your hearts, wonderful.  The one common and constructive observation is – WE ARE ALL SERIOUS ABOUT WHAT WE ARE DOING AND ARE EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED.  This is a fantastic starting point provided we move towards cognitive thought aggressively if not this same good nature within each of us can become our own nemesis / enemy.


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