Friday, May 27, 2011

How to make school interesting ?

This is sequel to the post that I had written earlier on Samacheer Kalvi and the post generated a lot of discussion on the subject of education in schools.  Here Iam sitting with ABHINAV SRINIVASAN of Sri Krishnaswamy Higher Secondary Matri School . He studies in 10th Std going to 11th Std.  Now I was talking to him about what he would like to change to make education intereseting. I liked the insights that he provided and I thought I will share them with you.  

School should be fun says Abinav.  A student must want to go to school in the first place.  He must prefer going to school to sitting at home with the Television or Play Station.  Today school has to compete with many entertainment devices. Students prefer learning on their own, thanks to google and wikipedia.   So the school must change its outlook towards education.  Abinav says the solution lies in providing more time for game and other activities.  This is an amazing and very simple solution, I only wish the educators are listening.

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