Saturday, May 28, 2011

I took The Twitter Path

Few years ago some one told me about Laurie Beth Jones and the book she has written - Jesus CEO and The Path.  I got this book called The Path and ended up working out my mission statement and now that you insist on knowing what it is -  CREATE BY THE WORD, BUILD GENERATION NEXT AND INSPIRE THE LOWLY.  Surprisingly after this my work started falling in place.  All I to do was  run the opportunities that came my way through my Mission  Statement (as simple as that) and it helped me process the target and reject the distractor.

Now I have  come to a point that only those that are connected to my Mission come my way. Life has become simple.  I have learnt to say NO and before I forget in case you plan to do your mission statement make sure its beats the Twitter limit hollow - shorter the better, and get to read The Path. 

I was delighted when I connected with Laurie on Twitter.  Strange how this social media, particularly Twitter can creat the path to connect to the people who are dear to you and you adore. 


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