Monday, June 06, 2011

How to name in the photos in 2 simple steps?

Iam sure you have found this frustrating at times you have taken a truck load of photographs and they are lying in your folder with some weird numbers - then you try renaming them and you realize that life is too short to be renaming photographs.  So you abort project and plan to do it another day, while some more photographs accumulate and they you dont want to see the pictures. 


My friend took these 18 pictures and wanted me to upload on picasa.. I renamed just 1 and I decided to uploaded without naming .... Now here is how you can name it easily.

  1. I just selected all the pictures with the CONTROL A option. 
  2. Clicked on F2 and had the first photo selected to be renamed 
  3. I renamed it Yoga at Ispahani and clicked enter
Now see what happened bingo all the photos got renamed..  Try it and leave a feedback behind 


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