Sunday, June 05, 2011

Another weekend

Another weekend whizzes by.  I decide to do some personal work, to get my life in order.  Spent time cooking and baking.  Yes I did a lot of business in Empire Avenue.  Got to get some new friends, got on to some good discussion groups on Social Media recruitments and connected with some Chennaites out there.  The FFI LYF facebook profile was a little dormant during the weekend, most of the members were busy during the weekend I suppose.  Yet I spent some chat time with Saranya, who has promised to set up a meeting for me with all the FFI Team at Ford. 

Its 9.30 pm on Sunday, Iam winding up the weekend. Look forward to a great week ahead. Hoping to get some way forward with the FFI web 2.0 website

3 days = 13% of 176 hrs 
5 days =  23% 
8 days = 36% 

That calculation can be over looked .. was just trying to work out the extent of time investment I have to make on work in the coming week
I realize that in first 3 days of the month 13% of the total working hours (176) has gone by... The way time flies 

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