Saturday, June 25, 2011

The view is as important as the action

Lord Vishnu is said to be the custodian of the world.  You see him resting on a serpent and at times he is flying on an bird.  It is said that he has a micro view (narrow and focused) while sitting on a serpent also called Sarpa Drishti and while on the bird he has a macro view a long shot also known as Garuda Drishti.


Recently I was reading about the military technology of Drones, used by the US military in Afganistan  and Iraq.  The technology that was used for surveillance earlier was too narrow that it was impossible to understand the target clearly but now they are using a far advanced technology that can pinpoint very accurately – Osama Bin Laden was done in by that.

The limiting technology was called the ‘soda straw view’ while the new technology is called ‘Gorgon Stare’. 

In life we often use this Sarpa Drishti or the Soda straw view to make judgements and often times they are wrong.  Vision is being able to see the entire eco system will all its dynamics and interplay.

Lets assume in a family a woman is the in receiving end of what she terms as ‘deception’.  To judge and reject her spouse will be the logical step.  This is more of a soda straw view.

If she were to take on the Garuda Drishti or the Gorgon stare, Gorgon is a terrifying female creature with a fixed stare, the judgment will be lot more pin pointed.

Now how is this done?  The lady in question must bide her time, collect accurate data not just about her direct subject but all the other subjects’ that are involved. For instance if the man who belongs to him were to be in a relationship with another, then she has to know move 2 degrees down and find out the dynamics in the relationship.  In all probability relationships do not exist in isolation it will be sensed on known to the others in close proximity.  People in general, detest disruption, hence they would define such aberrations with other words and sweep it under the carpet apprehending social backlash.

The lady must get to know about all these dynamics and the consequences and must be able to understand how these will affect her if she were to make her moves.   Is quite complex.  Such engagement with the problem can only solve the problem.  Sarpa Dristi is important but to react like a Serpent is surely not the solution.

View the problem like a Serpant and an Eagle and respond like a human being.  





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