Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boycotting products and services of corrupt

I was pretty stunned to see the NDTV news yesterday about Suneetha Reddy being raided. This morning papers drove it home.  The question that popped to my mind was will Suneetha Reddy be upto such stuff that deserves to be counted with the Marans?   As a daughter of the man, Dr Pratap Reddy, who is the doyen of healthcare in India, get embroiled in such activities?

Will this affect the brand image of Apollo in whom she is a major stake holder?  

I have a great respect for the Reddys, while I was with them they treated me like their own.  I had to part due to too much of love.  

So I would hate to believe that Suneetha would have done anything  that would jeopardize her name and the name of the Apollo Family.  At the most she would have been forced or sucked into it without her knowing.  

Lets step aside a bit.  As a society we scream about corruption by politicians.  Here are a group of respect industrialists in the society who are resorted to subterfuge and fraud in order to amass wealth.  Now as citizens, till they are proven innocent, can we shut of their products or services?  Iam calling for boycott.

The same NDTV newscapsule had a clip about 'Anna for President' stuff.  Now I question Anna's motivation. Is he playing a political game by attacking the politicians on their soft underbelly to curry favour ?  why is he not condemning the others, particularly the private sector, for corrupt practices.  After all they are the initiators 


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