Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cycling 100 kms

I never thought I will be ever be able to make it.  Going around my block in circles in my cycles made feel like a cyclist - that was doing hardly 500 meters. I came home sweating and satisfied.  My ambition was to do 1 km shortly.  The October demon got on to me and I decided to go to office in the cycle - thats 7.5 kms dude.

It was tough but I made it, while the sun was being liberal with its huge smile in the morning and managed to get back home when the sun was still grinning.  There is something very satisfying about a sweaty T shirt.  I enjoyed the after effects too, not much of pain though.  I was like all the parts in my wanted some activity happening.  A kind of long demand finally fulfilled.

Its my 7th day today. My sweating has reduced and Iam getting into a system.  Another 14 days I need to do and then I hope it will become so much part of me. 

I need to network with cyclists to keep this important phase going.  I dont think the CFO Cyclist stuff in the Empire Avenue will be of much help.  I realized that I have started riding on the wrong side of the one way road, on pavements at times.  Iam not sweating like before.  My waist has shrunk.  My appetite is reasonable. I have saved nearly Rs1500 on auto rickshaw so far.  

My facebook friend  Gratian Mathew Govias has invited me to join him for a Mahabs trip, hoping to do it by November end.  I have been doing 14 kms a day over 7 days I have nearly touched 100. This saturday I will take my cycle to the beach.  

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