Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frisking Kalam

My dear Blog,
These guys are crazy.  Our ex President (of India) the funny hairstyled scientist Dr, Abdul Kalam apparantly was frisked by the security at JFK Airport.  Honestly you dont expect some security guy to actually know about India in the first place... and to expect him to know about the ex Pesident is asking for the moon.  
Now they are putting up hate posts critizing that poor security guy who was took his work seriously.  I was wondering what I would have done if I were there. Here Iam in the security section and doing my work seriously.  Iam in what is called 'the zone' where I have lost myself.  You see I do a very important work, and any goof on my part would mean the lives of thousands will go up in bang.  So I will take my job seriously and I might not care whom Iam checking, for me it is to find if the guy subjected to the search is carry a bomb or a gun or any dangerous objects.
I remember way back in those days while we played cricket and when some hit the ball in the bushes we took the stumps and the bat and went about hitting the plants to search for the ball. While doing so we spoke to each other and after a while beating up the bushes became the prime activity that even if that red cherry were to be found we would have ignored it.  Way back in school there was this warden called Jefferson Christopher (sad he became the headmaster one day)  this man took it upon himself to make sure the students do not carry books or pieces of paper to copy.  So he subjected the students to a search before entering the hall. The poor bloke searched the pockets the collars and fold of the pants etc.   he was very strict.  Yet we managed to take in fat books into the exam hall by just holding it in our hands.
I know how alert the security guy has to be, he has to take every passenger who passes by seriously. He cannot afford to get into automaticity mode.  He has a tough job on hand.  Cant the people understand it.  So what if Kalam is frisked?  Rajni I understand .. but Kalam or Sonia or MMS ..

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