Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sasikala fav song is "why this K'veri Di"

29 years ago most of the video operators worked with the old technology, I still remember those huge bulky tapes. As a leading actress who spent a lot of time behind the cameras Amma knew the power of images. Sasikala hence, like knife through butter, walked into the Poes Garden residence wilding the camera and much power. Video technology leapt ahead and stepped into mobile phones too, while Sasikala was busy weilding power she paid very little attention to learn new technology and eventually lost out.

Some where around the same locality - Poes Garden - in the year 2011 Anirudh Ravichander with Aiswarya Dhanush and Shruthi Hasan were dabbling with the new mindset and new technology. They produced this big big hit on Youtube... I refuse to even utter that word. The world sat up to take note so did Amma. Its time to change. Old technology had to give way to new ones afterall. It may be too late for Sasikala to sing "why this K Veri Di"

The next one to walk into those hallowed portals will be an expert on social media. Well done Amma

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