Monday, January 02, 2012

Digital Dalits

I have worked with great Brahmin Bosses, whom i loved to detest for reasons apart from their moorings.  I might have to agree with the author of this blog .. their greatest strength is not their intellect and subterfuge (many think that way)    i think its their vulnerability personified by their vegetarian mind set is the reason, perhaps.  By Vegetarian, not just in food, by in attitude and speech.  History says that they were the giver of rules to exercise control over others .. they have been accused of authoring and sustaining the caste system.  But I think other wise. 

Their vulnerability, which is their perceived strength, is their confinement to laws and statutes.. that's why they seem to become good accountants and finance professionals.  Compliance is their core competence... Their legalistic mindset has limited their creative zeal. You have to disagree with me on this if you believe Caste system is creative.  I get to see some rebels struggling to get out this framework... but they are not themselves. Its easier for a camel to get into the eye of a needle but a legalist can never enter in the kingdom of Liberalism. 

If they are being accused of authoring the caste system and for having plonked themselves on the top of the caste pyramid... its not right.  Look at them now,  most of them gravitate to engineering (a study that requires high compliance and low imagination)  and end up with 'back end jobs"  lets call it the BUTT JOBS.. the grunt jobs.  Haven't they lowered themselves to that of the one they placed outside the cast ambit?  If you don't call that noble of them what is noble and selfless ..what is noble then?

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