Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook and Low self esteem

The first thing I read this morning was a Facebook post by a friend on Low Self esteem of Facebook. They specifically call it the Facebook Depression and then the article goes on to quote some study of sorts. It looks like a carefully crafted press release by a bunch of retards.  Check it out here. LINK
There was very smart friend of mine who was very proud of her low self esteem, she was quite pleased about it since it pushed her to do many things to over come it.  Thats when minds eye opened too.  When I analyse the non facebook users I find them to have abysmally low self esteem or depression or they are plain simple idiots who think highly of themselves.  On the whole they come out as unimaginative and boring and as the sort of people who blow dark clouds where ever they go.
Now as I am writing I realize that for me Facebook or Twitter and blogs actually make me think and make me accountable to a group of people on an hourly basis.  Yes I love feedback and more eyeballs, but certainly I dont want to write for that sake.  The red dot indicating that someone has responded or commented on my post doth excite me. But then I sit and wonder how a red dot that was used by my teachers way back in school to indicate disapproval of low performance of disobdience has today become a blotch for excitement and endorsement.  I wonder how times have changed the meaning of colors too. 

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