Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Gnana Vidyalaya with Anu

Anu called me up and asked me if I can arrange anyone to train some teachers.  I put up a facebook update and within minutes 3 of them responded.  But then this girl vanished.  She did not respond. So on Thursday evening the responsibility fell on my shoulders to do the training.  Friday we spoke briefly but nothing about the training as such.
Anyway I agreed so on 21st Jan 2013 morning we left to Thiruvellore to go the school.  On we way to school we caught up with some stuff on what to be spoken.
The training session went on well.  I had a bunch of Teachers, all of them were women, who gave full attention.  The two men who came and sat quite detatached went away.  Actually Iam glad they did for they did not seem to want to capture what I was talking about.  The response was good I must say.
Now when Anu told me she does not talk in public, though she is comfortable one on one,  I dint want to believe it.  She spoke of her aversion to microphone, strange girl aint she?  There are ppl who grab the microphone and dont want to let go and here is someone who does not want to hold a microphone.  Well thats not the point, I liked the way Anu was effortlessly candid about it.  This actually opened up the way for some interesting conversation on various issues, and not a minute did we find ourselves in silence.
Seriously a person who has language skills has to be sharp on the cognitive front.  Strangely the ones who are good on languages take this point casually, not knowing how tough it is to acqure a language.  She also shared with me how she learnt in English while in school ... I was mighty impressed.  Fluent in Hindi, Tamil, English  and also can handle Kannada and Malayalam.... boy she now has to know what she is. 
My suggestion to her was to take up reading as a habit to improve processing and sequencing skills.  Surely she can touch and giving to many lives.  Her language skills and her candid talk with sprinking of honesty can endear her to any audience and take her places.
To me it was a weekend well spent. 

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