Saturday, January 28, 2012

Responding to The Hindu Ad campaign

While Iam critical of this latest The Hindu campaign directed against the TOI, I see a lot of people with positive reactions here are some I found in facebook
The Hindu's ad campaigns are EPIC!!!
i must say ....they gave it right to The Times of India :P
this is so awesome.. i had to share it again. cant stop laughin! :D
Smart advertising by "The Hindu" in answer to TOI's ad... But I read neither of them ...
Super Cool Nethi adi By The Hindu.
Obviously most of them havnt thought through before responding.  Wonder how The Hindu readers can react this way. See the language used.   I people are going gung ho about this campaign Iam sure they dont read The Hindu or they dont read at all.  Chances of these people becoming TOI readers sooner or later is very high. 
Round one for TOI

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