Sunday, January 29, 2012

TO DO Trap

If there is one thing that can  put in chains and dump you in the darkest dungeon its the TO DO LIST.   It quite funny when we look with hope of our future and decide that a set of tasks needs to be done and sit in the present and work that out.  How often have u hear people  talk high of a planner, the one who plans for the tommorow, chartering his life course skillfully avoiding all the mishaps and storms, sailing through.  He is governed by the TO DO LIST and the future that is not in his control.  His mind is filled with possibilies of rewards and dangers.  
Well there are those who are committed to the present, and we are not concerned about that.
There are those who walk the earth free and rather die to give up their freedom, no chains can hold them.  They care not about the past, or the present or more so the future.  Yet they would want to do whatsoever they are mandated to do.  They go about doing and what they need to do goes about happening.  It looks like their entire being is one, their mind, their hands, their feet all function as a single entitiy. If the mind were to pull them away from the mandated task to seek pleasure their hands and feet will rebel, they combine and harness the mind towards the desired goal.  It would seem as the they have deeply ingrained their mission into every cell of their being.
Well science will say its embodied cognition.  When you are in love, passionately, the emotional areas in your brain is overworked, it secretes what is called the Dopamine (feel good chemical) every time the image or thot of your lover crosses the mind.  A regular secretion of these feel good juices in the brain actually makes you happy and elated and you want to think more and more of your lover.  When the intensity of the thought of the one whom you love goes beyond a point the messages get transferred to all other areas  in your body.  That is when you realize that you want to live and live for that guys sake.  You are completely immersed in love.  Whatever your body does it does it with him in view.  Sexual arousal is a result of this.  Sometimes this arousal  takes over the entire responsibility from the brain and starts thinking and acting on its own - this we call lust. When the noble dopamine rush is replaced by pleasurable  orgasmic juices.  The feeling of elation nevertheless.
When one is committed to a task, be it wanting to have school or restraunt or farmhouse or write a book, you actually engineer the entire process to proper planning tools and go about the task in a systematic manner.  This must be the undergirding, with out this your desire will soon diminish.  But is that all ?  is it merely doing those things that need to be done to reach your goal?  Such engineered, mathematically precisioned tasks works on a time frame. Unforeseen happenings are inevitable and the time stretches but never shrinks.   Time stretching or shrinking is again a factor of ones own mind.   So how does one actually work on this ?
Evolution is the key.  You have to comprehend, what is called the 'sexuality of ideas' , when you actually take an idea and passionately get involved in it that it actually has an intercourse with your being.  Well in simple terms we can say you have to be emotionally aroused by what you want to do.  Sexuality, we know takes its course, when the 'seeds' are sown then the fertilization the embryonic implantation and then the growth begins and eventually the appearance of a new life. 
So a robust sexuality  of thoughts and ideas is the reason why you find some moving towards their goal, with that orgasmic smile willing to take on an challenges.  Its because thats the only way they can be.  To be efficient, even at their weakest hour. Such people are not governed by the TO DO LIST thats all within them, all those lists have been written in scroll and chewed up.  They are just Doers.

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