Thursday, June 14, 2012

Debt drives humans to work

There is so much of negative things being said about credit cards and loans and stuff like that.  I have been in the receiving end of such oppression - if I may use that word.  But to a person like me who loves life on the edge and bordering on the high risk profile I just can get myself to have surplus funds, it just does not happen.  Not that I have not tried but I have tried in vain and every time I fall flat on the face I only strengthens my resolve about me being a non-savings guy.  Its got its own heart burns for sure.  When it comes to bill payment.

Probably the only solution is to live life like a pauper and being content and then give off all the surplus money to those who need it the most instead of stashing it.  Well that brings as to the issue of saving for a rainy day.  I guess when you focus on the rainy day and save for it the rainy day happens.  My life is going to be an experiment of sorts.  As long as I can move about I will work, provided people employ me.  I want to live light now.  I don't want be seduced by the material stuff.  I pray for discernment and a generous heart to give away what I have in excess for those who need it, expecting nothing in return.  There will be a time when I need money will those who took from me ever pay back?  and big big NO.  They may look away from me.  But then from the most unexpected direction someone will come by.  And even if they dont a new ME will rise within myself - MY SPIRIT OR MY WILL will become richer and stronger.

I love this passage

There is no suffering that you have to endure that is not common to man.  But God is faithful and just for with the suffering he will give you way to escape that you may be able to bear it .

Here is a pic that captured my imagination today and made me write this 


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