Monday, June 11, 2012

Hansen's badge


I just read a nice article on the power of negativity, on how negative thought and talk must actually fuel a person to move forward. 

For a brief period, while in college, I was serving a community of lepers.  I used to read about leprosy.  That’s when I realized the importance of pain.  Leprosy thrives due to lack of pain, if there was pain the patient would have attended to it. It is that lack of pain that makes a person ignore pain and eventually eats him up (quite literally) and yet the person is not aware.

Negativity has the same capability. That’s why when a leader is surrounded by sycophants who do not speak their mind and are playing the favorite tune……… Hansen steps in.

To all those bosses, leaders, managers, whoever who do not like the voice of dissent I wish to pin this Hansen’s badge on you, please not that pleasure without pain can destroy you.




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