Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


It’s one of those books that gripped me through and I had to read it in one shot. 

 The author had tried to interface two economies.  The Vanger and Wennerstrom represents the companies of the industrial age.  More so with Vanger and Wennerstrom is plonked in probably the intersection of the industrial and information age economy.  Vanger may be a bit conservative, with it sordid family equations and secrets that is grappling with challenges so immense, while Wennerstrom, ambitious, with unethical dealings has exploitation and deception at its core.  The fact that Salander was easily able to hack into the system of Wennerstrom is an indication that their strength lies nowhere but in deception.

The characters Blomkvist and Salander are the information age heros who are fighting a corrupt system with high moral standards with smart work.  

The missing of the Harriet girl will bug you… it keeps you guessing.  You might actually want to get in and as you read you will start suspecting the ones who killed her.  Fact that she is not dead but cleverly left the scene is very systematically but casually unpacked. I loved that part.  So you actually will end up heaving a sigh of relief but may not get those nasty goose bumps.

Well there are lots of other characters too.  But for a reader you must be influenced by the work ethic of  Blomkvist and his occasional lover Erica and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo who is the geek … and free soul, who cares very little about established institutions.  

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