Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lively talk with a upcoming editor

There I was sitting in a place that most hated, the aroma hanging around never enthused me.  But today it seemed a lot better, maybe because I was stepping into Subway Nungambakkam after 3 weeks.  

I was with my friend recapturing old times and I was to be introduced to the Editor of a new magazine who wanted some direction on the social media front.

She came in, with a nice smile we glugged our iced tea and it was time to talk business.  She told me why she stated the magazine and what the magazine stands for etc.  And suddenly I noticed her move towards talking third person.  I was jarring to my ears.  I want to say STOP but civility made me restrain myself. 

And at some point I gently told her "now you talk like a publisher, cant you talk just like you ?"  Its so wonderful.  I went on to say lets do it for the sake of people who are lost and tied up in all sorts of problems.. Lets do it for them.  If the magazine gains out of it so be it. If not we dont loose.

She seemed to agree on that.  But lets see how it really is going to work out.

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