Sunday, June 17, 2012

The week that was 10 th June to 16th june

My mind was going haywire and I had to get myself grounded.  What is a better therapy than books, I have been talking about the therapeutic value of books to others and now it was time for me to experience that.  So this entire week I gave myself to books.  I did the 300 pages per day stuff again after a while. I started out well with Sophies choice, the book actually slowed me down after the time I had with The girl with the golden tatoo.  (dont compare both) .  With Sophies choice slowing down I knew I would not make the 300 pages per day target.

And not achieving target would mean giving up and fizzling out and I did not want this to happen. Just to keep this going I decided to put my reading on ventilator with some real light books.

I picked up 3 books from Connexions 

Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal 
Never Let me Go by Sachin Garg
Sidhartha by  Hermann Hesse

Rashmi Bansal book was absolutely a let down ... I would not say worthless

Would not even say its a good attempt. Honestly I would not have picked the book had it not been for my mental fatigue and I wanted to read something real real light.
I should not say it disappointed me that badly but I honestly would not recommend this to anyone. But yes why not try it when your really drained out and you just dont want to READ.. then this book will keep you going . More 

Never let me go by Sachin was a bad show. Dont even touch the book 

I had read Never Let Me Go  by Kazuo Ishiguro few months back and then decided to try this. Not that I had great expectations. But sometimes one would like to watch a masala flick and if one is not a movie type why not settle for a book .... Sachin will not disappoint you here.
The writing was very ordinary the story lacked imagination but wtf it kept me going for a while.  
Make sure you gargle your mouth with a decent book after this.. lest you indulge in more banality ...


Was fantastic .. You must not miss it. I have decided to read it again.  The book i want to write will be of similar style.  Its easy to read in one sitting.   

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