Sunday, October 20, 2013

Open House

I saw this update from two of my good friends. One of them wrote thus on his facebook update
A humble and sincere request to all of you on my friends list here. If you find my posts or behaviour here or elsewhere offensive, kindly feel free to remove me from your friends list. I will not be offended at all but would consider you a person of character. That would be much better than remaining on my friends list and speaking ill off me behind my back
And then the next day while on a discussion the creator of the post (reason for discussion said thus)
....if i had written on ur page u could have called it pontificating...and now if u cant be offensive on this issue,please stay off my page......civil comments welcomed......and i get outraged about many things.......but dont have to explain to please back off...stay off...or i will come mother ur page like u r doing mine.......and am one of those types who dont care...who dont hve anything to please back off...please go say whatever u hve on ur page,will u....
These are good friends who protect their space quite seriously. And I see nothing wrong in doing it. But then something within me reminded of my early days in life, when one had lots of energy and wanted to be adventurous every day. There was this friend of mine who allowed a whole bunch of us to come and use his house for resting, eating, partying. His parents were the chilled out type too. So nearly 10 of us were regular visitors. We got our lunch our tea with snacks and much love. They never questioned us or advised us. They just showed much love. To me a facebook page is a space certainly not as real as my friends home. I wish I can have anyone dropping in and saying what they want about anyone or anything knowing fully well they will not be judged. I only hope I dont get into pissing and protecting my property mode. Thats not me

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