Thursday, January 01, 2009

The stars fall while the fool foretells

Amidst the haze I see men in black striped pajamas, loitering around,
Some have what seems some musical instruments
The others mumble nothing

Then there is the fool on the hill - sitting around
Living  of crumbs and tea.
Incoherently belting out a song of the future

The politician is panhandling
The businessman is selling peanuts
The banker is tossing a coin
The baker is hammering a biscuit
The cobbler is working on an arithmetic progression
The plumber works on a new software
The painter is writing
The bus driver is an environment activist
The fisherman is evangelizing
The dalits are in the parliament
The religious heads are growing hair
The driver is conducting a choir
The punter owns a business chain
The martial artist is selling flowers
The weatherman is scuba diving
The rich man tills the ground
The teacher is rich
The school administrator sits on the stool
The comedian is eating sugar candy
The diva of fashion is selling flowers
The sports icon is pushing a bicycle
The Hamas team holidays in Bahamas
The terrorists are pulling down walls

The lion sleeps with the lamb
The cathedral syncs with bazaar
The weapons of war are beaten into tractors
The music is divine again.

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