Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lesson on salesmanship from a fishmonger

She carried a basket of 3 varieties of fishes on her head.  Dishevelled hair, screaming her guts off as she paced the road, urging the residents to buy fish.  She picked up the soft voice of a woman who called out for her.  She hardly seemed excited, with the same matter of fact demeanour she turned back and located the source of the call. 
She turned to walk toward a sale. Then she heard the gentle voice again enquiring the rate. For which without any excitement in her tone, in a rather unfriendly way she blurted the price of the costliest fish, for which she was promptly shooed away.  As if expected she shot back another number far lesser than the previous one and mentioned the name of another variety of fish, this again was rejected by the prospect.  Yet the fishmonger continued to work towards the prospect oblivious of the negation.
Then she heard the accusation from the prospect "Hey you are cheating" for which the reply was quite surprising " Yes I am coming to cheat you" and kept walking towards her target. By the next few minutes she had arrived at the prospects doorstep, basket kept on the ground, the weighing scale in hand, proceeding towards the sale. 
After few minutes of haggling, the sale happened. No pleasantries, no conscious buying or selling happened but the transaction happened.
Iam reminded of an article I read long ago which said the most profitable repeat 'profitable' companies had their customers as their adversaries not advocates

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