Friday, April 15, 2011

Wooden platform, nails and a winning football team

Some how this little saying got glued to my my mind when I stumbled on it _ A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MAKES A SKILLFUL SAILOR. Ever since I have been using this as my eye glasses, sometimes as a guiding principle to view the world. Often times I have thrown myself in crisis points thoughtlessly hoping to learn and become more skillful.
The danger of not being able to learn can finish me off. This may be a bit contradictory to my previous blog - Zombie Will I Be.
So be it. Life is afterall a struggle most of them goes through our minds. I would not attempt to resolve it, neither would I want to fuel it anymore, for my granary of stuggle is full and it may burst forth as bottle of coke with a pack of mentos.
So when i watched this video it excited me no end. I thought I must share it with you.

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