Monday, May 30, 2011

Keeping commitments

Here Iam finding it difficult to make simple commitments that is actually rewarding to me, those that makes me feel good and I read about some amazing people out here like Saritha  who made a vow that if Jayalalitha wins the elections she will cut off her tongue and she did it.  Today I read about this man who cut off his thumb to fulfill the same vow.  How does this work?  I really wonder if both of them ever made an attempt to meet Jayalalitha before their vows.  Lets assume they did.  Iam sure they would have been pushed and jostled and roughed up and all they could had was a glimpse of that lady.  Now normally if you treated that way you are expected to come home with some disgust and surely your love and respect for the lady would have diminished considerably.  But in both these cases it only strengthened it.

Thats why I believe if politicians are able to understand this strength that the common man possesses and are able to leverage it skillfully why not employers. It was Jayalalitha who offered a job to that woman after paying for her operation.  Did anyone in the other sectors see the potential in this lady?  

I believe India will hit the main stage only if she understands the potential of th this class of people.  Thats is why I believe that Shashi Tharror will never make it in politics for deep down he thinks they are 'cattle'.  

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