Saturday, May 28, 2011

Masonry work on the Mind.

Freedom eluded the East Germans, the Kampfgruppen along with the police started walling the city.  Families were separated, the cry was deafening reminds one of the partition that happened in our own country (India).  Our hearts went out for he people who were behind the walls, behind the iron and the bamboo curtains.  My memory is very vivid when Scorpions sang the song WINDS OF CHANGE, the celebrated the change in Eastern Europe and maybe caused it in some way.  

Year 1989. The Berlin Wall finally fell. 

This was perhaps the inauguration of a brave new world.  The information age was on the door step.  

Two days ago to my post on this blog that I had shared in Facebook on Samacheer Kalvi, Akshay Jayakumar had this to say  " As far as goin deep into our culture s concerned, v r very far frm it at d moment.cultural awareness begins wid awareness of d culture's history which seems quite isolated considering our syllabus... so samacheer kalvi shd include history lessons bout d whole of india's conquers nd not jus delhi sultanate, mughals nd british invasion..."  
History yes, I guess they need to learn History from a different perspective, its certainly not something that happened but those are events that keep happening even now.

How else would you account for the Berlin Walls that are being built up in children's minds every day and the prohibitions that are placed on young talented people. I was reading Pranav, a FOSS Evangelist, he has written in his blog about the meaningless restrictions schools place on students forcing them to get out of Facebook.  I have heard many parents and teachers complain about it too.  These are the new  Kampfgruppen in town.  And then Pranav in his blog post  SOCIAL MEDIA AND ITS ARCH-EMEMY"  suggests "So instead of trying to change their minds, its better to ignore them and continue our social life in social media. The arch-enemies of social media elect to stay outdated, we can't do anything about it."

Times have changed, certainly not for the worse, but for the best - if Veeren were to listen to this he will have a point of view.  Go ahead Veeren look forward to your participation.  The generation today is open to a knowledge explosion, limiting them to academics can be the biggest mistake a parent or a teacher may commit.  The entertainment and knowledge available at home is far more than what a movie theater or a school can deliver.  So why should a child,who hungers for knowledge or fun, step out his home.  We sure need to re look at school and what education system by itself can offer. 

Unlike the Berlin Wall that managed to insulate the communist Germany, todays walls can never do that. I prefer if someone were to confront but to be ignored entirely is the worst that can happen.   

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