Sunday, June 05, 2011

Why do we have to complain?

I had this interesting letter put up by my friend in Facebook as the city (Chennai, India) is facing frequent power cuts as we have to deal with scorching summer heat. He did not realize that more that half the country is struggling for food, water and shelter while the we the middle class have this complain about the bad roads and power cuts

An open letter to TN CM Dr. J. Jayalalithaa:
Can you, with all the powers vested in you, please make sure that ordinary citizens do not have to face sleepless nights during these summer months on account of frequent power cuts (scheduled or otherwise) during the nights? Please give the common man the necessary sleep to carry on working hard the next day too.
Nizam (& every affected person)

He uses the phrase ORDINARY CITIZEN AND COMMON MAN to identify himself.  If only he knew he is a leader in his own right,  as person who is exposed to good education and endowed with basic comforts and with the power to communicate in English, he will not complaint.

As Indians our focus must not be on ourselves but on the millions who are suffering beneath us.  We need to be more concerned about them, then we will never complain about what we lack for we become stronger with a good attitude in the process 

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