Sunday, June 05, 2011

Why am I going to take Kavipriya to court?

This girls is one of the most beautiful and talented girls on the block. She can dance, paint, has a husky voice,is driven with ambition, can write, and carries a lovely frame too. Why would anyone want to see her in a legal tangle? I have my reasons, the prime among them is if I want to become famous I better try to harass a celebrity…. anyway I will try that next, as of now I will sue her for she was responsible for charring my lovely pressure cooker.

It was a fantastic sunday morning, and I wanted to dish out some yummy biryani for my kids. Bought all the ingredients and requested my Mom to peel the onions. I kept the cooker on high flame poured the oil and went to get the onions as my mom was glued to the Television. I glimpsed at the TV and found this very same damsel on Kalaigar TV. The looks were familiar but her lovely voice nailed it. Then I sat and sat and watched while my cooker went up in flames… damaging a whole lot of things around it.

Why would I ever take this extreme step of a legal process if my friends on Facebook were to alert me on their achievements? I, like a cooker, would want to vent out my steam.

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